Islam Phobia from The Perspective of Western Political Thought

  • Tamara Ahmad


The purpose of this research is to clarify the concept of the phenomenon of Islam phobia, and to explain the causes and manifestations, as well as the reasons for the intensification and clash between the Islamic world and the West under the phenomenon of Islam phobia, and tried to provide proposals for appropriate solutions to this phenomenon and insulting to address them, the research concluded that the phenomenon Phobia has emerged significantly in the international political circles, especially in the wake of political events after attacks by (Islamic) groups on civilian sites and targets in different parts of the world, and that this phenomenon is as old as the deep-rooted conflict between the followers of major religions, the researcher came to the most important conclusions: Photo Style Islam is stereotyped among Western societies in the crucible of Western interests, through political discourses and ideological writings of Orientalists, studies and research, and the use of media in all its forms, as well as the extreme right and the extreme right-wing parties under its banner, and that combating this phenomenon requires fighting terrorism in all The development of a systematic strategy to eliminate terrorism and dry up its sources, 

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Ahmad, T. (2021). Islam Phobia from The Perspective of Western Political Thought. Jordan Journal of Applied Science-Humanities Series, 28(2), 12.