Why publish in Jordan journal of applied science (JJOAS)?

Jordan journal of applied sciences-humanities​ science series is an open access journal publishing original research from across all areas of the humanities sciences. It is a refereed and approved journal for the purposes of promotion at the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education.

  • Print ISSN: 1605-2579​ 
  • Online ISSN: 2708-9126

Aims & scope

We publish original research from all areas of the humanities sciences, literature, educational sciences, political science, sharia, law, arts and design and business.

Expert peer review

Partnering with our extensive network of expert peer reviewers, our editorial team provides rigorous, objective and constructive peer review, and will support you throughout the publication process. Jordan journal of applied science is led by the ethical and editorial policy guidelines to ensure that all the research we publish is scientifically robust, original, and of the highest quality.

Swiftly visible and highly discoverable for all

As an open access journal, we help your research reach more people and ensure that your work is immediately accessible and highly discoverable.

Is your research relevant to our journal?

With our very broad scope, we welcome research from all areas across the Jordan journal of applied science. View our Aims & scope and browse our published articles.

Need to understand our editorial process and criteria?

Learn about our editorial process to find out more.

Our editorial process

At JJOAS, we focus on ensuring that all papers we publish are of high technical quality, and let the scientific community determine the impact of your work. Our editorial process focuses on the robustness and validity of your research, from methodological, analytical, statistical and ethical perspectives, rather than making subjective decisions on your manuscripts.

Editorial and publishing policies

Have you read and understood our policies? Visit our policies page to find out more.

Statement of Ethics and Misconduct

Have you read and understood our Statement of Ethics an​d Misconduct? Visit our Statement of Ethics an​d Misconduct page to find out more.

Prepare your manuscript

Have you prepared your manuscript in line with the JJOAS Submission guidelines? Visit our Submission guidelines page to find out more.

Ready to submit your manuscript?

Once you have attended to all of the areas on this page, you are ready to move onto the next stage. Please visit our online submission system to progress.