Jerusalem: One city and three religions (Karen Armstrong)

  • Shaden Al-Wahsh Al-Zaytoonah University - Jordan


The religious knowledge may have a greater value than some another knowledge. Karen Armstrong- the researcher- did her best in collecting the information of her book which was translated into Arabic language from Jewish, Christian and Islamic resources. She presented her point of view using a very rich language of terms in addition to her comprehensive vision and subjectivity. Her book concerns with the holy geography which is related to the symbols that give the places a great value. According to her book, the holy feeling precedes the places and temples. After a great effort, Karen tried to find a common link among the three divine religions. Although the big amount of the historical information which was presented by the author, making mistakes or generalizations was possible to be occurred. Also, not all followers of her religion or another religion agreed with her. In this paper, the researcher tries to show up the different aspects of Karen’s book about Jerusalem she will present some information regarding the Jewish point of view about Jerusalem. Moreover, she presents Arab researchers’ points of view. The researcher depended on different resources, but the most important one was the book of Karen Armstrong.

Keywords: Jerusalem, The Canaanites, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel, Zion, Christianity.

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Al-Wahsh, S. (2023). Jerusalem: One city and three religions (Karen Armstrong). Jordan Journal of Applied Science-Humanities Series, 35(2), 128-138.