A Content Analysis of the Pronunciation and Spelling Activities in Action Pack Ten

  • sana Al-Smadi The University of jordan


Pronunciation and spelling are crucial basic skills for any intelligible form of communication whether spoken or written. Both are important signs (among others) according to which the quality of any speech or writing is determined. The present paper aims at content analyzing the activities of Action Pack Ten (AP 10) to determine the extent to which the textbook under study includes pronunciation as well as spelling activities. It also aims at investigating the focus of these activities. In order to achieve the purposes of the study, four content analysis sheets were developed by the researcher. Frequencies and percentages are used to describe the results of the study. The findings revealed that AP 10 includes a separate section with one activity in each unit for teaching pronunciation and that each activity focuses on meeting one pronunciation outcome (as prescribed in the Teacher's Book of AP 10). Moreover, no particular section for teaching spelling was found but it is included within some of the writing activities explicitly. Only 17.5 % of the writing activities, included in the Student's Book and Activity Book of AP 10, have an explicit focus on spelling, as prescribed in the Teacher's Book. Implications were made for more spelling activities that teach strategies for improving students' spelling. In addition, more contextualized pronunciation activities would be better to help students achieve pronunciation outcomes.